About Joe Starr


In a career that spans working with Father Guido Sarducci to working with Steven Spielberg, and now being  on television's #1 New Comedy, "Kevin Can Wait", you would think Joe is all about 'now', but not many people have direct roots to Vaudeville. Joe Starr is an exception. The Grandson of dancing legend Wally Valez, Joe has been performing since childhood. Picking up accents and dialects quickly and building a mental stock pile of characters that has helped him in his development as an Actor.



With dozens of Short Stories to his credit and a feature length screenplay under his belt, Joe has shown that he is equally at home working with pen and paper as he is working in front of a camera. Essays are added regularly to this page. Grab some coffee and enjoy.

Martial Artist

Many people in Joe's family have trained extensively in the Martial Arts. Beginning in childhood Joe trained in Jiu Jitsu and various branches of the Chinese Arts before becoming obsessed with Tai Chi Chuan. His daily practice is nonnegotiable and is as much a part of his creativity as is Acting and Writing.